First Christian Methodist Evangelistic Church
Our Church History


Recognizing the importance of strong, consistent and committed leadership, former members of Cedar Crest Methodist Episcopal Cathedral, stepped out on faith when the removal of such proven, accountable and trusted leadership was threatened.

After a series of consensus-building meetings, it was determined that action would be taken to withdraw from the Christian Methodist Episcopal connection and become an independent body.  Members, who agreed to such action, demonstrated their respect and confidence in the leadership of Rev. Gene E. Burt by asking him to serve as their spiritual leader and church administrator.

Joining Rev. Burt in this transition was Rev. Luckie Franklin, an Ordained Local Elder, Rev. Charles McDonald, a retired C.M.E. Pastor and Rev. W. A. Schultz, a retired Presiding Elder.

Cedar Crest Christian Methodist Evangelistic Church, now First Christian Methodist Evangelistic Church was born out of the Methodist tradition with roots in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  It is a church whose commitment is to praise and give thanks to God in worship, do the work of God’s kingdom and witness to the community.

This adventuresome congregation held its first worship celebration in the sanctuary at 1616 E. Illinois Avenue, Dallas Texas on July 2, 1989.  Moving forward in faith, this group found it necessary to worship elsewhere.  On July 9, 1989, worship was held in the gymnasium of the Maria Morgan Y.W.C.A.  That same Sunday, the church was formally organized with one hundred and thirty-five Charter members in attendance.  The initial focus was the establishment of the Sunday School, the Board of Christian Education, the Membership Committee, Steward Board, Stewardess Board, the Missionary Society, Board of Trustees, choirs and youth groups.

Later in 1989, the church officers leased a suite at 434 W. Kiest Boulevard for the administrative office and meetings.  It was during this time, these same officers gave thought to leasing or purchasing an existing church building.  Finding none to our satisfaction, the idea became a plan to purchase land and build a worship center.  A building committee was formed with Ilean Hampton chairing and later, co-chaired by Vincent McGinnis.

After six years of worship at the Y.W.C.A., The FCMEC family was able to move into their newly built worship center at 7575 S. Hampton Road.  Official occupancy took place in mid-August of 1995. 

After moving in, our membership grew to reach 300.  Rev. Burt continued to serve as Senior Pastor and over the years, was assisted by volunteers: Rev. Luckie Franklin, Rev. Verline Cooks-Jones, Rev. Carl Anderson, Minister Sandra Gant and Minister Dennis Powell.

Ten years after our move-in, Rev. Burt and the entire congregation were able to pay off the mortgage and celebrate with a “Mortgage-Burning” Service.  A few months later, Rev. Burt announced his plans to retire.  At the time of his retirement in 2004, our membership had grown beyond 400 members.

A search committee was formed and in May of 2005, Rev. Eric Tate Martin was selected as our Senior Pastor.  After a short time, Rev. Martin resigned.  Rev. Burt returned to serve us a Pastor/Administrator until a new pastor could be found.

A new search committee was formed and Rev. Dr. Edward Moore became our Senior Pastor.  He pastored us three years and on December 6, 2010 resigned.  On July 10, 2011, even though we were once again without a pastor, we were still present with the Lord as we celebrated our 22nd Church Anniversary.  Our staff, Rev. James Thomas, Rev. Verline Cooks-Jones, Rev. Gene E. Burt, our officers and entire membership continued our many ministries as we worshipped the Lord in “Spirit and in truth” from December 7, 2010 until February 1, 2012.

While our Pastor-Search Committee toiled in their efforts to select a new shepherd, our membership joined them in praying for one who was “sent by God.”  We thank God for answered prayers.  On February 1, 2012, Dr. John W. Wilson III became our Senior Pastor.  Pastor Wilson brings over 15 years of pastoral experience to First Christian Methodist Evangelistic Church, along with sound biblical knowledge and a servant’s heart. To God be the glory as we begin the next chapter in the life of FCMEC.!

First Christian Methodist Evangelistic Church is seeking a permanent Senior Pastor. Applicants can submit their applications on the link below or more info can be obtained at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..